About Us

Bourne Logistics is the culmination of over 30 years in the trucking and transportation industries. The management team at Bourne Logistics has over 84 years experience in trucking, brokerage and finance. Bourne Logistics was incorporated in the state of MIssouri in 2005 as a consulting service. Brokerage Authority was obtained in 2009. Bourne Logistics is a proud member of the TIA- Transportation Intermidiaries Association, the Internet Truck Stop "Diamond Broker Program" and an "A" standing member of the Better Business Bureau. We are currently located in the Historic Gryphon building in Downtown Joplin, Missouri.

Our Commitment

Bourne Logistics pays it's carriers fast. We always have and we always will, because you deserve it. Bourne Logistics is one of the fastest paying brokerages in the world. Haul for us and get paid the same day you deliver, if you desire. Carriers hauling for us may take a forty (40%) percent advance when loading is verified. Immediate pay is available after delivery, with payment options of bank wire transfer or *T-Check. Invoices submitted via mail, courrier or electronically can be settled immediately upon request; otherwise are paid with a check mailed within one (1) week of receipt in our office with the required invoice, shipper bill of lading and proof of delivery. Proof of delivery signature is required on the Government Commercial Bill of Lading when hauling a Government shipment for us. Invoices may be mailed to us at P.O. Box 635, Joplin, MO 64802 faxed to us at 417-782-5887 or e-mailed to us at invoice@bournelogistics.com.